6 Best Karaoke Apps For Your Smartphone

  1. Sing! Karaoke
Sing! Karaoke is an app by Smule which is a music company. This app is only made for karaoke and you can do voiceovers, sing to your favorite songs and you can even record yourself doing that. This app also lets you auto-tune your voice. You can easily make a solo, duets or sing in groups and share it around social media. It has a big music library that you access in just $10 a year. Although, the app itself is free the yearly membership will gain you the access of the whole library.
  1. MusiXmatch Lyrics and Music
karaoke appThis app is the best app that you can sing along solo or with your friends. It has over 6 million lyrics of songs in 20 languages in its database. If that’s not impressive enough then you may like its music identifying feature where you can use it like Shazam and it will identify the song, the artist and play along with the lyrics in real time so if you are in a party and you don’t know the lyrics, this app has your back. It will also save your favorite lyrics offline. Whether you found the best karaoke machine on the market... and love it... You might consider using your phone and downloading the app because it is one of the best free karaoke apps out in the store right now.
  1. Red Karaoke
This app is similar to Sing! Karaoke because it brings mostly all of those features. It has a big and engaging community that allows you to showcase your videos that you can record while singing along. Boast your skills and like other’s stuff and even get followers in the name of fans. You can edit your voice, add effects in the video and much more. If you are looking for lowkey fun with friends, this app is the way to go.
  1. The Voice
The show “The Voice” has its own karaoke video game app on the Android and iOS store. This app is a fun little app that allows you to sing karaoke to many different artists. Edit your voice or video and share along. The most fun app to play along with friends. The more you play the songs, the more songs will it unlock and the music database is updated daily so don’t miss out.
  1. StarMaker
StarMaker is an app for iOS that is probably the most downloaded and reviewed in this list. With its large music database to record your voice to its live chat options, it is one of the most fluent ways to make and edit your videos with a filter before sharing them. It has many different features that will have you do solo, duet or sing in groups. This app has a membership of one week, a month or three months that you can subscribe to enjoy its features.
  1. Sing Sing Together
An app that is suitable for kids with its vibrant 3D graphics and song library that is filled with preschool songs and poems. It provides an interactive interface that connects with kids instantly. You can easily install this free app for your child to be a singing star instead of buying some expensive karaoke machine for kids.
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